Choosing a Mesothelioma Doctor: Specialized Surgery Doctors, Questions to Ask, Standard vs Specialized

choosing a mesothelioma doctor

If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma lung cancer after either a CT, PET or MRI scan, consulting a specialized mesothelioma doctor becomes very important.

Your local hospital can only provide standard care options such as a chemotherapy tests to diagnose the type of mesothelioma you have, and standard pills or removal of fluids from the lungs (pleural effusions).

If you are looking for more advanced treatment options such as surgery or radiation therapy, you will have to find mesothelioma doctors who specialize in these fields and can provide you with results.

You can look at our list of mesothelioma doctors to find one that is nearest to your state and city.

The first referral to a specialized mesothelioma doctor can come from your primary family doctor who could give you advice & opinions on what type of treatment may be best for you, and what doctor may best suit your case.

A mesothelioma specialist is a physician licensed to practice medicine in your state and has passed a specialty exam given by a specialty board.

Examples of specialized mesothelioma doctors include surgeons who conduct surgical treatments on different parts of the body, for example the lungs & the abdomen.

Some surgeons will further specialize in a sub-specialty, for example a thoracic surgeon specializes in doing surgery on the chest area.

Medical oncologists on the other hand specialize in providing chemotherapy treatments, a branch of internal medicine to patients.

Radiologists specialize in the use of ionizing radiation to kill malignant cells in the lungs and thus are also a sub-specialty.

Choosing a Mesothelioma Doctor

Here are a few questions to ask before you choose a specialized mesothelioma doctor:

  1. Is the doctor trained & educated to meet your needs, and does he have the experience/skills needed to treat mesothelioma successfully?
  2. How many specialized mesothelioma treatment cases has the doctor done in the last 1 year and over the course of their careers?
  3. Has the doctor thoroughly described to you all the treatment options available for mesothelioma, and which one best suits your needs?
  4. Does the doctor treat you with dignity & respect and cares for your needs?
  5. Does the doctor encourage you to ask questions and be informed, and not shun you away?
  6. Does the doctor communicate with you in standard english langugage or does he use too much medical jargon?

Choosing a Mesothelioma Surgeon

  1. Does the surgeon have a certificate from a recognized medical board?
  2. Does the surgeon belong to The American College of Surgeons medical board?
  3. How many related mesothelioma surgeries has the surgeon done in his/her career?
  4. Has the doctor clearly communicated to you the risks of surgery, side effects, success rates and quality of life after surgery?

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